Day Of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing, making it easy to dress and undress yourself.

No. Please do not apply makeup the day of your surgery, and remove nail polish prior to your arrival.

No. We strongly recommend you avoid smoking the day of surgery. Not only could it create complications with your anesthesia, but you could also experience a greater risk of nausea while recovering.

You will be given specific instructions with regard to your arrival during a pre-operative phone call. It is imperative that you arrive at the designated time. 

When you enter the facility, you will be greeted at check-in. Admission and verification will go rather quickly, because most of your information will have been sent to us before your surgery date. However, please remember to bring:

  • All important insurance cards.
  • Photo IDs. 
  • Payment for your deductible or co-pay.
  • A list of your current medications and supplements.

After checking in, a nurse will take you through a pre-operative assessment that includes:

  • Meeting with an anesthesiologist
  • Taking your vital signs
  • Starting an IV (if necessary)

Family and friends will not be permitted to join you in this room, but our staff will continue to give them updates on your behalf.

After changing, all of your belongings will be safely stored in the pre-operative area. Remember to leave anything of value at home. 

  • There are no greater goals for Specialty Surgical Center Irvine than to keep you safe and get you the care you need. We follow rigorous national guidelines and protocols (National Patient Safety Goals) with regard to both. 
  • Prior to surgery, you will most likely meet with your doctor to confirm your procedure and its correct surgical site.
  • What is your part in this? You may be asked to confirm many times what procedure you will be receiving and where the surgical site is located. Do not hesitate to voice any concerns, and ask questions during this pre-operative consult.
  • To further confirm and secure the correct procedure and location, your doctor may even mark the site on your body before surgery.